Domestic Window Cleaning In Prestbury

Prestbury Domestic Window Cleaning

Here at MKM Cleaning Ltd, we provide all aspects of internal and external Domestic Window Cleaning and Conservatory Cleaning services to clients throught te villiage of Prestbury in Cheshire.

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Prestbury Window Cleaners

We have identified Prestbury (East Cheshire) as one of our key target areas for expanding our Domestic Window Cleaning operations. We aim to be the number one Window Cleaning contractor in Prestbury. To accomplish this, we offer a combination of traditional hot soapy water and squeegee and the lastest window cleaning technology - Water Fed Poles (also known as Pure Water Systems) so that we can meet needs of all residences throughout Prestbury..

Conservatory Cleaning in Prestbury

As well as offering window cleaning services in Prestbury, MKM Cleaning Ltd offer a complete Conservatory Cleaning Service that can be added to compliment our residential window cleaning sevice. Keeping your conservatory clean is often overlooked, but MKM Cleaning Ltd can take away the hassle of cleaning your conservatory and use the latest technology to ensure that the Conservatories of Prestbury remain sparkling clean for longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How often should I have my windows cleaned?

    A. MKM Cleaning recommend that our clients have their windows cleaned regularly. We work with our clients in Prestbury to create a bespoke schedule, however, we would recommend a monthly window cleaning service to maintain a sparkling finish.

  • Q. What time should I expect you to arrive?

    A. Our hours of cleaning are between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm. We feel these hours suit most customers and help us maintain discretion as best possible.
    We cannot guarantee that we will clean the windows at the same time each visit due to weather conditions and traffic.

  • Q. Will you always arrive on the same day of the week?

    A. Due to weather conditions and traffic it is likely that we will clean a property on a different day one month to the next. We always aim to produce a regular routine service and remain as consistent as possible. If it is a key factor that your property be cleaned on a specific day each month, please inform us when taking on our service and we will do our best to accommodate you.

  • Q. Can your Water Fed Poles or the Pure Water that you use, damage my cladding?

    A. No. Our equipment has been designed specifically for the purpose of carrying out domestic and commercial window cleaning as well as the cleaning of uPVC, Cladding and Fascia Boards. More damage is caused to your property by the pollution it is exposed to daily by way of wind, rain and the atmosphere.

  • Q. You need access to my garden... How do I know when you are coming?

    A. We can arrange to contact you by phone, text message or even email to confirm that we will be visiting your domestic residence to carry out the cleaning of your windows and or any other cleaning services that you require, the following day. If you require this service please advise our staff at the outset. 

  • Q. What method should I use to pay you?

    A. Our preferred payment method is by standing order which the customer would set up with their bank. This reduces the admin of both us and the customer.
    We happily accept bank transfer, cheque (by post or en route) or cash payments.
    If you are paying by cheque please quote your name and address on the back of the cheque.