Commercial Cleaning Services

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MKM Cleaning Ltd provide professional and affordable commercial window cleaning as well as other contract cleaning services across Manchester and the North West of England.

We work closely with our clients to provide professional window cleaning for both one off and regular window cleaning contracts, the cleaning of cladding and fascia fascia boards on commercial properties and we offer a range of gutter clearing and flood prevention solutions.

As part of all Commercial Cleaning services that we offer, we provide a Risk Assessment and detailed Method Statement. We always comply with all health and safety regulations and focus on delivering an environmentally friendly service.

We now use Water Fed Poles as a safer alternative to ladders. This ladderless system means that there are no privacy issues, no damage from ladders being placed against walls or windows, and of course there is no disturbance to staff.

Retail Window Cleaning

Do you require the cleaning of your store windows? Our team of friendly and professional window cleaners are available 7 days a weeks to ensure that your shop front stays spotless.

External Window Cleaning

We specialise in carrying out external window cleaning on commercial property. We use the latest technology to ensure perfect results every time and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Internal Window Cleaning

We use traditional window cleaning equipment for almost all internal window cleaning jobs. We are fully equipped to takle any size of window cleaning job in a time efficient way.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Do you have Public Liability Insurance cover?

    A. Yes, we have a policy with Allianz which covers us to work on properties up to 5 stories high. We are also covered to work on roofs which have glass that requires to be cleaned. Our cover is for claims up to £2,000,000.


  • Q. Do you charge V.A.T?

    A. At present we are not VAT registered and will not charge VAT. This will continue to be the case, at least until 30 April 2012.

  • Q. Do you carry out Internal Window Cleaning?

    A. Yes, we offer both internal and external window cleaning services. We will use a more traditional method of cleaning internally to ensure that there are no cables being used inside your building. This also ensures that there will be minimal water spillage.

  • Q. Do you carry out risk assessments?

    A. On request we will carry out a full Risk Assessment and incorporate a Method Statement to ensure that the client fully understands both the level of risk and the methods being used to minimise the perceived risks.

  • Q. Do you use the Reach & Wash System

    A. Yes, we do use the Reach & Wash System - otherwise known as Water Fed Pole and Pure Water System. Our Water Fed Poles are capable of cleaning windows up to a height of 60ft and are perfect for reaching otherwise inaccessible windows.

  • Q. Can your Water Fed Poles or the Pure Water that you use, damage my cladding?

    A. No. Our equipment has been designed specifically for the purpose of carrying out domestic and commercial window cleaning as well as the cleaning of uPVC, Cladding and Fascia Boards. More damage is caused to your property by the pollution it is exposed to daily by way of wind, rain and the atmosphere.