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Domestic Cladding Cleaning is offered by MKM Cleaning Ltd and is often required when a property is being prepared for sale. By ensuring that the cladding on your domestic property is cleaned by a professional Manchester Cladding Cleaning company, you can be sure that potential buyers aren't put off by unsightly grime that builds up over the years.

MKM Cleaning Ltd can carry out the cleaning of your cladding in the same way as we clean your windows; by using our Water Fed Pole System and 100% Pure (de-ionised) Water, we can easily clean cladding up to 60ft from ground level without the need to use lifting equipment such as Cherry Pickers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Do you use any industrial chamicals?

    A. No... Never! We will only ever use 100% pure water to carry out the cleaning of your windows, cladding or fascia bords.

  • Q. How can you effectively clean with only water?

    A. The  Water Fed Pole Cleaning System works by constantly pumping Pure Water through a carbon fibre pole on to the cladding. We then scrub, rinse and leave the cladding to dry naturally, providing a streak free finish.

    Our Water Fed Pole Cleaning System uses Reverse Osmosis, which reduces normal tap water to its natural state by way of an intense 5 stage filtrationprocess that removes all impurities like calcium & chlorine to give it far more cleaning power. The Pure Water literally sucks up grime from the cladding, leaving it sparkling clean.

  • Q. Can your Water Fed Poles or the Pure Water that you use, damage my cladding?

    A. No. Our equipment has been designed specifically for the purpose of carrying out domestic and commercial window cleaning as well as the cleaning of uPVC, Cladding and Fascia Boards. More damage is caused to your property by the pollution it is exposed to daily by way of wind, rain and the atmosphere.